Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant

Today here in Wales is Saint David's Day. For me, it always feels like the onset of spring when we reach the 1st March so I always look forward to St David's Day. 

Daffodils are starting to pop all over the island of Anglesey now which is so beautiful especially after we have had such a wet winter.  I've not printed any flowers for a couple of years but here's a couple of daffodil prints I did from the garden a couple of years ago now.  I wonder if I tried it again how I'd approach it now?  I've learned a lot in the past two years so I'm sure I'd approach it very differently. 

In a couple of weeks it will be the Anglesey Open Studios.  It's a time I always look forward to.  Time to clean out the studio ready for visitors.  It's not a good time for printing fish though as with visitors coming and going it's too disruptive.  It might be an a good opportunity to do some daffodils and blossom printing though. 

I do enjoy printing leaves and flowers.  I've recently completed some new Acer prints which I love to do as they are so different from printing fish!! They can be found here

So the Open Studios is running from 23rd March to 7th April.  I hope some of you can make it to visit me over the course of Open Studios. 

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