This weeks round up! Saturday 11th February 2023

This weeks round up! Saturday 11th February 2023

This week, I've done a quick video to catch you up on whats been happening.  It's mainly been about lobster.  The lobster I worked with this week was caught back in November last year and has been in my freezer since then. I defrosted it on Wednesday, then printed on Thursday and Friday.  Last job on Friday was to pop it back in the freezer.  Yep I make sure they get a good few uses. 

I'm only just beginning to realise that what seems obvious to me needs a little more explanation for my audience.  I've recently had a few conversations with people who hadn't realised how this is done and thought they could request a print at any size.  I'm afraid a lobster is lobster sized so that's how big the print is.  I also think the word 'print' is causing some confusion too.  Print can imply a copy of an original piece of art, or a work that has been created using a press.  That's definitely not the case here.  Wouldn't fancy running a lobster through a printing press!!

Anyway I'm hoping to get into the habit of doing these weekly catch ups more regularly, so stay tuned.  Thanks for now, Jane

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