Wow just Wow!!

Wow just Wow!!

I posted a video up on Tiktok of me printing from a sea bass.  It was a nice enough video, nothing special though.  For some reason however it went a little nuts and in the course of 24 hours I accumulated over 130 thousand views which is wild. 

So one of the 130 thousand viewers was interior designer Anahita Rigby.  From Tiktok she hopped on to my website and then she contacted me about a very exciting project she is involved in.

On the 4th June Wow House at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre will open to the public and I'm really pleased to say there will be some Gyotaku hanging on the walls of one of the rooms.

Anahita's room is pulling Georgian and Japanese design together so of course my work will fit beautifully.

I really can't wait to see what other work it will sit with and how they will look in the room. 

The piece that Anahita has chosen is one of my Sumi Bass pieces

I can't wait to see how the final room looks and if you are interested in finding out more information about the room please follow this link Anahita Rigby Wow House


If you are interested in visiting the Wow House it's on from 4th June 2024 - 4th July 2024 at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour and tickets can be bought here

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