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Frame Gyotaku of Bees and Honeycomb

Frame Gyotaku of Bees and Honeycomb

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Bees are well loved.  Hardworking, community invested and producing delicious honey.  So important for the pollination in many of our plants.  Sadly the bees life is short lived and after a mere six weeks outside of the hive they expire. 

I've been printing from bees and honeycomb for a couple of years now and they always prove to be a popular subject.  This print is on Thai Mulberry Paper and I've used a Gold acrylic ink which is lightfast and permanent. 

As with all my work, when the print is finished, it must be wet mounted using the Urauchi method.  This process removes all creases from the paper by adding a second backing sheet so effectively this is two sheets of paper not one.

The print is approx 21cmx21cm and framed measures approx 36cmx36cm 

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Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.  Jane

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