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Bullseye Gyotaku Print, Capbreton, France

Bullseye Gyotaku Print, Capbreton, France

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Take your work on holiday right?  Well I did, this summer we visited Capbreton near Biaritz.  It's a wonderful experience to wander around the harbour fish market and buy some of the days catch for dinner.  Whilst we were there, I picked up this fabulous specimen.  I was attracted by it's distinctive scale and huge eye. 

I've seen this fish referred to by several different names but I like bullseye so that's what I'm sticking with. 

We took the fish back to our holiday accommodation and I'd taken inks and paper with me in the car.  So we did some al fresco printing as a family and I did some extras like this one to sell. 

The print is made using the traditional methods and is wet mounted using the uruachi technique which uses a simple water and flour paste that I make myself.  The wet mounting takes around 24 hours to dry and once it's done the print is then ready to frame. 

When it is flattened, I sign the print and stamp it with my Hanko.  

The print is unique no two prints are ever the same.  It will be sent unmounted and unframed.  It will be rolled in a poster tube and protected with acid free tissue paper.  

Shipping to the UK is free.  If you are interested in having the print framed and mounted please send me a message. 

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