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Coed Cyrnol Woodland Walk 9th June 2021

Coed Cyrnol Woodland Walk 9th June 2021

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I love where I live and I’ve always been a bit of a magpie picking up bits and pieces on walks.  I walk my dogs through Coed Cyrnol almost daily.  It's our local walk.  I love to watch the seasons change.  We are lucky enough to have red squirrels in the woods too.  I love watching them darting around.  

I picked up one of each leaf or grass I could see as I headed down the path on this particular day and this print is a result of this gathering. 

Each item is printed individually.  So that means this is actually 15 separate prints.  Every time you take a print you risk smudging or misprinting which could ruin the piece.  

Measuring 69cm x 34.5cm,  this is Chinese mulberry paper which has been dry mounted to flatten the print.    The print is supplied unframed and without a mount.  It will be rolled in acid free tissue and sent in a poster tube.  

The roomscape is just to give an idea of how it could look and the scale. 

If you were interested in having it framed then please send me a message for details.  

Shipping to the UK is free.  


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