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Large Gyotaku Sea Bass on Handmade Japanese paper

Large Gyotaku Sea Bass on Handmade Japanese paper

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This bass was caught on a line by a local fisherman here in North Wales.  It was caught on the Menai Stait.

Bass are my favourite fish to print the definition you get on the scales is wonderful. This is a large print on hand made Japanese paper. 

I take the same fish and print it multiple times on the same sheet of paper.  It takes a long time to make such a print.  Each time an impression is made, the fish must be inked again and the paper placed very carefully to create a natural looking composition.  

Printing is just the first part of the process.  After printing, the paper is wrinkled and wouldn’t lay flat in a frame.  To achieve a flat print I use the traditional wet mounting process that has been used in the east for centuries.  This process takes 24hours.  Known as Urauchi.  By using this process, I take a second, stronger sheet of paper and laminate it using a homemade glue to the back of the print.  Now the print is stronger and completely flat so will look beautiful when framed. 

When it is flattened, I sign the print and stamp it with my Hanko.  This is wooden block that is traditionally used for signatures in Japan.  I had mine made in Japan.

 This is a large print measuring 100cm x 70cm so I would recommend professional framing.  The print would be sent rolled in a poster tube.  I would send it using a tracked courier.  
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