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Diptych of Anglesey Sea Bass Gyotaku

Diptych of Anglesey Sea Bass Gyotaku

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 This bass was caught on a line by a local fisherman here in North Wales.  It was caught on the Menai Stait.

Bass are my favourite fish to print, the definition you get on the scales is wonderful. I made this print by first taking an impression from the surface of the fish onto a washi paper.  That print then needs to be flattened out.  I do this using the uruachi method which requires me to adhere the print to a second sheet of paper using a flour and water glue, this is the method they have used for 100's of years in Japan.  The second sheet here is a Japanese Masa paper.  Once dry, the work is then sliced in half (a nerve wracking moment!) and glued using a ph neutral glue to the boards.  It is then left to dry and again before sealing with a paper medium.    I've used a high quality acrylic ink to make the original print. 

The prints are then framed in a box frame which is oak stained.  

The overall finish of this work gives it a very different feel to my other work and I've been trying to create this sort of effect for my work for sometime.  So I'm really pleased to be able to offer this one for sale.  I'm confident it would be suitable for a bathroom, kitchen or any room in the home in fact. 

Perfect for a seafood lover, coastal location or someone who likes fishing. 

Shipping within the UK is free additional charges will apply for Europe and the rest of the World.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

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