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Frame Gyotaku of a Birds Feather A4

Frame Gyotaku of a Birds Feather A4

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Whenever I see a feather, I almost always pick them up.  I keep a jar in the studio.  They are very popular print.  I always wonder if it is just people liking the image, buying for writers or bird enthusiasts. 

This feather is printed in Speedball Acrylic ink, black and gold.  The print is on Chinese Xuan paper and has been flattened and backed for framing using the Urauchi method.  The paper I work with is very thin so I need to do this process so it can be framed.

A4 in size the external frame measures approx 32cmx43cm. 

Shipping to the UK is included in the price.  Shipping to other territories will be calculated at checkout.

Any questions, just drop me a line I'm happy to help. Jane 

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