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Framed Gyotaku of a Menai Strait Prawn A5

Framed Gyotaku of a Menai Strait Prawn A5

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Perhaps one of the most fiddly little things I've ever worked with is this lovely little prawn.  The tweezers are very useful in setting up for prawn printing. 

This one was caught in a bait trap by a local fishermen who kindly gave it to me.  I always love specimens with a bit of a story behind them and knowing where they have come from.

Printed in high quality Acrylic ink made by Speedball and printed on to Chinese Xuan paper.  I’ve used some gold ink so it has a touch of shimmer.  When the print is made, due to the very thin nature of the paper, the print must be backed using the Urauchi method or wet mounting.  This strengthens the print and flattens it so it can be framed.

The print itself is A5 in size and has been framed professionally. 

These prints have been very popular with shellfish fans.

The frame is approx 27cmx34cm and has the certificate attached to the back. 

Shipping in the UK is included in the price.  Additional costs for other territories will be shown at checkout.

If you have any questions you need answering please feel free to drop me a line. 

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