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Gyotaku Impression taken from Octopus Vulgaris Tentacles

Gyotaku Impression taken from Octopus Vulgaris Tentacles

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I was recently gifted a large octopus, from which I have made several full-size prints. As the octopus is so large, the prints are very expensive. So I thought it might be fun to create some more affordable prints from the tentacles.

I have used exactly the same method as I would use to print a fish, a full octopus, a lobster or even a leaf.

The tentacle is laid out, and then I apply in acrylic ink that is both lightfast and permanent. Next I press a light weight Chinese paper over the surface of the inked tentacle.

Once I have the print, the paper has become wrinkled, so now needs to be flattened to make it suitable for framing. I do this using the authentic Japanese method of Urauchi. Using a simple paste made from flour and water, which I make myself, the print is laid flat face down on a board, and then the paste is spread liberally over the rear of the print. Next I take a sheet of masa paper and press this down, firmly onto the back of the print.  This will now be left to drive for 24 hours. After which time I can simply be peeled off the board. The print is now completely flat and suitable for framing.


This is a completely unique art work and will be shipped free of charge to buyers in the UK. Thanks for looking.

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