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Gyotaku impression taken from the surface of Octopus

Gyotaku impression taken from the surface of Octopus

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What a challenge!  Ever since I discovered Gyotaku printing I've wanted to print an octopus.  They are sometimes caught in the local waters but as yet, I've not had one. This one was supplied by The Menai Seafood Company, our local fishmonger. 

The octopus is printed on to Chinese mulberry based paper which measures 69.5x34cm.  I’ve used a blue and a gold acrylic screen printing ink.  The ink is both light fast and permanent.  

The paper is so thin that once the print is taken it is wrinkled from the process.  So the second stage is to make the print nice and flat so it will sit well in a frame.  This process is known as Urauchi.  Urauchi means to back with glue.  I make the glue myself from flour and water and then apply it on the back of my print.  I then press a second sheet of paper onto the back of the print and allow the two to day overnight and they become bonded together. 

The print will be supplied unframed but it is mounted.

Shipping to the UK is free.  For other territories, shipping is calculated at checkout.  Please send me a message for inquiries about framing. 


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