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Hand Printed Gyotaku Anglesey Crab

Hand Printed Gyotaku Anglesey Crab

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Crab is quite a difficult specimen to print from.  Like a lobster it's much more 3 dimensional than a fish so there is a lot of work to do making things don't slip and slide around. 

This crab is printed on Chinese Mulberry Paper, measuring 50x34cm approximately.  After printing, the paper is then mounted using the traditional wet mounting technique of uruachi.  For this I make a flour based glue and use this to bond the print to a second sheet of paper.  This is the method that has been used for 1000 of years for making scrolls in China and Japan.

No two prints are ever the same in Gyotaku as the specimen is re inked before each print is taken.

The print would be supplied unframed and would be wrapped in acid free tissue paper and dispatched in a poster tube. 

Shipping to the UK is free.  If you are interested in having the print framed and mount please send me a message. 
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