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Large Scallop Shell Gyotaku with Multicoloured Layers

Large Scallop Shell Gyotaku with Multicoloured Layers

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I've always loved printing from the surface of a scallop shell and this print is no exception. 

I sectioned off the paper into 8 parts and using 3 colours, blue, red and yellow I printed the same shell 24 times onto this sheet.

The paper is Chinese Xuan Paper and measures 70cm x 35cm.  The ink is Acrylic ink and is light fast and permanent. 

For the majority of my work, I blend the ink as I apply it.  Here though I have applied the ink one colour a time building it up in layers.  I've swapped it around so in some places I've applied yellow then red then blue; blue then red then yellow etc.

Like all my work it's a two stage process.  Printing comes first and then there is Urauchi.  Urauchi known in english as Wet Mounting, is where a thin paste is applied to the back of the print until it is completely wet.  Then we take a second sheet of paper and apply that to the glue.  The two sheets bond together as the dry and all the creases and wrinkles are removed from the paper. 

As with all my work, shipping in the UK is free but further afield there is a posting charge. 

If you have any questions you need answering about this work or any on my website, please feel free to get in touch with me, I'm always happy to answer questions. 


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