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Gyotaku impression taken from the surface of an Octopus

Gyotaku impression taken from the surface of an Octopus

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Octopus are a very difficult specimen to work with as those tentacles are difficult to position. 

This Octopus was printed on a Chinese paper measuring 69x34cm and then backed with a sheet of Japanese Masa paper.  When the paper has been pressed over the Octopus it gets wrinkled so I use a process known as Urauhchi to flatten the print by backing it.

Sadly I managed to tear the Chinese paper during printing so this print has a tear mark in the paper, I've included a photo so you can see it.  It's only the top sheet that is torn and the bottom sheet is in tact so the print is still very effective.  The price of course reflects the damage. 

Supplied rolled in a poster tube wrapped in acid free tissue, the print is unframed and shipped to the UK for free. 

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