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Sardines Gyotaku Print in Black

Sardines Gyotaku Print in Black

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Sardines make a lovely print.  However they are pretty tricky to deal with.  They easily split open and leak oil over the print so getting the pressure right is important.  With a multiple print like this one, each fish is printed individually so this is actually 9 individual prints on the same sheet of paper.  Each time you make a print there is a risk the sardine will split leaking oil or you might not align it correctly and then the fish can unintentionally overlap.  

I have used premium quality black acrylic ink which is both light fast and permanent.  The fish eyes are hand painted after printing.  It is signed by myself, Jane Evans as well as using my hanko stamp, the traditional method of marking artwork in Japan.  The print measures 69cm x34.5cm and is on a Chinese mulberry calligraphy paper.  This paper is strong yet flexible so ideal for shaping over fish.  

Producing the print is only the first part of the process.  Once printed the paper is cockled and will not lie flat in a frame.  It is therefore mounted.  I am now using the traditional method for this which is to use a wheat paste to flatten the print and then adhere it to a second sheet of mulberry paper.  This process takes 24 hours.  

The sardine was sourced from an independent fishmonger who is a 10 minute drive from my studio.  Additionally, using the wheat paste is a ph neutral process and uses less man made chemicals.  

The print is supplied in a mount.  The print is 69.5cmx 34cm and with the mount is 42.5cm x 77.5cm

Shipping within the Uk is free.

If you would prefer the print to be framed, please drop me an email where I would be happy to discuss the options.  

Thanks for taking the time to look.   Jane 

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