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What you looking At? Gyotaku of a small John Dory

What you looking At? Gyotaku of a small John Dory

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Last year I bought a John Dory from my fishmonger and made some very successful prints from it.  Possibly my most popular fish last year. 

I recently met a local marine biologist who said he might have some samples for me once they've served their purposes in the lab.  When he messaged me to say he had a John Dory I was very excited.  However I was not expecting this!

With a body measuring approx 8cm by 6cm this John Dory is small but perfectly formed.  All the details are exactly the same as on a fully developed larger fish just in miniature. 

This makes this small piece of marine art very accessible for those who have walls groaning with art work.  Surely everyone can find a corner in their art collection for such a tiny piece?

Printing from this mini was very tricky.  The body is very delicate and needs to be handled carefully and the fins were very tricky to capture.  Personally I have these fish down as the punk rockers of the water with their dorsal fin looking like a mohican.

This is one of five prints I successfully took from it.  This one is on Thai Mulberry paper which has been mounted onto Japanese Mulberry and then Japanese Masa Paper. 

The print will be sent out in an A4 mount ready for framing.  Shipping in the UK is free.  Overseas additional costs will be added at checkout.

If you have any questions just drop me a line.  I'm here to help.


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